1907 Original Advertising

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1907 Original Advertising

Calculating Advertising Costs

Calculating Advertising Costs If you are interested in obtaining advertising for your business and want to calculate advertising costs, you have two options. You can choose an agency that you feel will best represent your brand and your needs and ask for prices for a package of promotions, or you can research different kinds and calculate the prices from there. Regardless of the method you choose for calculations, you will get the best prices by shopping different brands. If your needs are few, you may be interested in calculating costs separately. If you are interested in placing an ad in a newspaper or magazine, the amount may be calculated based on how many columns your ad will span across. Expect to pay for color ads versus black and white ads, fonts, and lines of text, pictures and other elements in periodical advertisements. When looking at internet promotions such as banner ads, most banner ads are calculated based upon the size of the ad and how interactive the ad is. You can also find banner ads on a pay-per-click basis although they are not as frequent as flat rate banner ads. Pay-per-click ads begin with a monthly budget to accommodate an expected number of visits to that banner ad. As a visitor clicks on an ad and uses your strategically placed advertisement, a portion of your budget is used. This kind of advertising can allow for very good ad placement and a lot of customers visiting your website. Television commercials in a prime time slot can be very costly, in the $200,000 range for a 30 second commercial, but considering how many viewers watch a particular show in that time frame, the flood of customers you will receive could be well worth it. Be sure to research the target market during particular time frames and determine the price per amount of impressions when considering advertising through television. You will also need to consider how frequent your commercial will be viewed in a particular time slot. Calculating advertising costs by radio is also based upon how many impressions you get in a particular time slot and the frequency of your advertisement being played. Radio has a loyal customer base. Individuals who listen to radio typically spend several hours per day listening and only listen to 2 – 3 radio stations during that entire period. If your target market is a particular age group that listens to radio only at certain times, the costs to pick up those listeners can be very beneficial by attracting impulse buyers also.

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Mayday -Catástrofes Aereas-GOLPE FANTASMA-GOL 1907 (Versión Original)

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