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25 ft 16 ga Primary Yellow Wire Hit  Miss Gas Engine Motor Coil Ignition
25 ft 16 ga primary yellow wire hit miss gas engine motor coil ignition
25ft 18 GA Primary Pattern Cloth Wire Hit  Miss Engine Gas Fuel Maytag
25ft 18 ga primary pattern cloth wire hit miss engine gas fuel maytag
25 ft 14 ga Primary Black Wire Hit  Miss Gas Engine Motor Buzz Spark
25 ft 14 ga primary black wire hit miss gas engine motor buzz spark
25ft 16GA Primary Pattern Cloth Wire Hit  Miss Engine Maytag Gas Motor Buzz
25ft 16ga primary pattern cloth wire hit miss engine maytag gas motor buzz
25 ft 10 ga Primary Black w red Wire Hit  Miss Gas Engine Motor Buzz Coil
25 ft 10 ga primary black w red wire hit miss gas engine motor buzz coil
25 ft 10 ga Primary Yellow Wire Hit  Miss Gas Engine Motor Spark Coil
25 ft 10 ga primary yellow wire hit miss gas engine motor spark coil
25 ft 10 ga Primary Orange Wire Hit  Miss Gas Engine Motor Buzz Spark Coil
25 ft 10 ga primary orange wire hit miss gas engine motor buzz spark coil
25 ft 12 ga Primary Yellow Wire Hit  Miss Gas Engine Buzz Coil
25 ft 12 ga primary yellow wire hit miss gas engine buzz coil
25 ft 12 ga Primary Orange Wire Hit  Miss Gas Engine Motor Spark Buzz Coil
25 ft 12 ga primary orange wire hit miss gas engine motor spark buzz coil
25 ft 14 ga Primary Yellow Wire Hit  Miss Gas Engine
25 ft 14 ga primary yellow wire hit miss gas engine
25 ft 14 ga Primary Red w black Wire Hit  Miss Engine Motor Buzz Spark
25 ft 14 ga primary red w black wire hit miss engine motor buzz spark
25 ft 14 ga Cloth Primary Orange Wire Hit Miss Gas Engine Motor Buzz Coil Spark
25 ft 14 ga cloth primary orange wire hit miss gas engine motor buzz coil spark
25 ft 14 ga Primary Red Wire Hit  Miss Gas Engine
25 ft 14 ga primary red wire hit miss gas engine
25 ft 14 ga Primary Yellow Wire Hit  Miss Gas Engine Motor Buzz Coil
25 ft 14 ga primary yellow wire hit miss gas engine motor buzz coil
5 ft 14 ga Primary Black Wire Hit  Miss Gas Engine
5 ft 14 ga primary black wire hit miss gas engine
5 ft 14 ga Primary Red Wire Hit  Miss Gas Engine Motor Buzz Coil Spark
5 ft 14 ga primary red wire hit miss gas engine motor buzz coil spark
5 ft 14 ga Primary Yellow Wire Hit  Miss Gas Engine Motor Buzz Ignition Ignitor
5 ft 14 ga primary yellow wire hit miss gas engine motor buzz ignition ignitor
5 ft 14 ga Primary Red w black Wire Hit  Miss Engine gas Motor Ignition Spark
5 ft 14 ga primary red w black wire hit miss engine gas motor ignition spark
5 ft 14 ga Primary green Wire Hit  Miss Gas Engine Motor Buzz Coil
5 ft 14 ga primary green wire hit miss gas engine motor buzz coil
5 ft 14 ga Primary Orange Wire Hit  Miss Gas Engine Motor Spark Buzz Coil
5 ft 14 ga primary orange wire hit miss gas engine motor spark buzz coil
5 ft 12 ga Primary Yellow Wire Hit  Miss Gas Engine Motor Ignition Spark
5 ft 12 ga primary yellow wire hit miss gas engine motor ignition spark
5 ft 12 ga Primary Orange Wire Hit  Miss Gas Engine Motor Ignition Spark
5 ft 12 ga primary orange wire hit miss gas engine motor ignition spark
5 ft 10 ga Primary Orange Wire Hit  Miss Gas Engine Motor Ignition Buzz Spark
5 ft 10 ga primary orange wire hit miss gas engine motor ignition buzz spark
25 ft 14 ga Primary Pattern Wire Hit  Miss Engine Gas Motor Buzz Spark
25 ft 14 ga primary pattern wire hit miss engine gas motor buzz spark
5 ft 14 ga Primary Yellow Wire Hit  Miss Gas Engine Motor Ignitor Ignition Buzz
5 ft 14 ga primary yellow wire hit miss gas engine motor ignitor ignition buzz

25ft 18 GA Primary Pattern Cloth Wire Hit  Miss Engine Gas Fuel Maytag
25ft 18 ga primary pattern cloth wire hit miss engine gas fuel maytag
25 ft 16 ga Primary Yellow Wire Hit  Miss Gas Engine Motor Coil Ignition
25 ft 16 ga primary yellow wire hit miss gas engine motor coil ignition
25 ft 14 ga Primary Yellow Wire Hit  Miss Gas Engine Motor Buzz Coil
25 ft 14 ga primary yellow wire hit miss gas engine motor buzz coil
25 ft 14 ga Primary Red Wire Hit  Miss Gas Engine
25 ft 14 ga primary red wire hit miss gas engine
25 ft 14 ga Cloth Primary Orange Wire Hit Miss Gas Engine Motor Buzz Coil Spark
25 ft 14 ga cloth primary orange wire hit miss gas engine motor buzz coil spark
25 ft 14 ga Primary Red w black Wire Hit  Miss Engine Motor Buzz Spark
25 ft 14 ga primary red w black wire hit miss engine motor buzz spark
25 ft 14 ga Primary Yellow Wire Hit  Miss Gas Engine
25 ft 14 ga primary yellow wire hit miss gas engine
25 ft 12 ga Primary Orange Wire Hit  Miss Gas Engine Motor Spark Buzz Coil
25 ft 12 ga primary orange wire hit miss gas engine motor spark buzz coil
25 ft 12 ga Primary Yellow Wire Hit  Miss Gas Engine Buzz Coil
25 ft 12 ga primary yellow wire hit miss gas engine buzz coil
25 ft 10 ga Primary Orange Wire Hit  Miss Gas Engine Motor Buzz Spark Coil
25 ft 10 ga primary orange wire hit miss gas engine motor buzz spark coil
25 ft 10 ga Primary Yellow Wire Hit  Miss Gas Engine Motor Spark Coil
25 ft 10 ga primary yellow wire hit miss gas engine motor spark coil
25 ft 10 ga Primary Black w red Wire Hit  Miss Gas Engine Motor Buzz Coil
25 ft 10 ga primary black w red wire hit miss gas engine motor buzz coil
25 ft 14 ga Primary Black Wire Hit  Miss Gas Engine Motor Buzz Spark
25 ft 14 ga primary black wire hit miss gas engine motor buzz spark
25 ft 14 ga Primary Pattern Wire Hit  Miss Engine Gas Motor Buzz Spark
25 ft 14 ga primary pattern wire hit miss engine gas motor buzz spark
25ft 16GA Primary Pattern Cloth Wire Hit  Miss Engine Maytag Gas Motor Buzz
25ft 16ga primary pattern cloth wire hit miss engine maytag gas motor buzz

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Ft Ga Hit Miss

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Die Antwoord - "Fatty Boom Boom" (Official Video)

Regional News Alert - North America.

New York (AirGuide - Regional News North America) Nov 18, 2012

Boeing says 737 MAX achieves 'Firm Concept' and selects
suppliers Boeing has finished defining in broad terms its newest
single-aisle airplane, the 737 MAX, recently completing a major
milestone in development known as 'Firm Concept'. The company
said the program transitions to finalizing configuration details by
mid-2013. "The program has achieved this development milestone by
defining the significant changes needed to deliver the performance
we've committed to our customers," said Beverly Wyse, vice
president and general manager 737 program. "The team has a firm
plan in place to incorporate all the changes necessary to realize a 13
percent fuel-use reduction within the scope and schedule of the
program." Fuel-use reduction changes include new LEAP-1B engines
from CFM International, a redesigned tail cone and Advanced Technology
winglets. Other changes allow these fuel-saving features to be
integrated into the overall airplane design. Boeing also decided to
incorporate limited systems changes to the 737 MAX. These include an
electronic bleed air system that will be supplied by Honeywell and
large-format displays, supplied by Rockwell Collins, for the flight deck
of the 737 MAX. "In keeping with our commitment to customers to
continuously improve the 737, we also are making an investment in the
future capability of the 737 MAX flight deck with the new, more advanced
displays," said Wyse. The 737 MAX flight deck will have four new
large displays with significant growth capability while maintaining a
common look-and-feel with the Next-Generation 737 display formats that
preserves commonality with training across the 737 family. "With
large-format displays we can offer our customers future capability in
the flight deck as pilot and training needs evolve, giving the 737 MAX a
competitive advantage and 737 MAX operators even greater value,"
said Wyse. The team also has defined the high-speed aerodynamic lines
for the 737 MAX. Through analysis and testing conducted in high- and
low-speed wind tunnels, the 737 MAX design team has further refined the
geometric shape of the airplane, eliminating the need for the small bump
on the nose-gear door that appeared in earlier design iterations.
"Removal of the bump demonstrates how far our design work has
progressed," said Michael Teal, chief project engineer, 737 MAX.
With Firm Concept, the factory plan for the 737 MAX also has been
defined. The factory plan includes a 737 MAX transition line where the
initial 737 MAX airplanes will be assembled before integrating the new
airplane into the existing 737 production lines in Renton, Wash.
"The 737 MAX remains on track for first delivery in 2017,"
said Teal. "Now we are focused on the finer details of the
configuration and we are confident we'll be ready to begin detailed
design in mid-2013." Nov 16, 2012

Congressman asks why TSA won't relaunch scanners Rep. Mike
Rogers, R-Ala., asked during a hearing Thursday why the Transportation
Security Administration doesn't put 91 full-body scanners currently
in storage back in airports. This way, he said travelers could decide
whether they prefer speed or privacy. The TSA put the scanners in
storage because software to replace more life-like, nude images of
passengers didn't work. Nov 16, 2012

Energy-saving tips for hotel operators Simple measures such as
covering the hotel pool after hours and using compact fluorescent
lighting can help reduce a hotel's energy expenses significantly,
writes Amy Bair of Business Process Excellence. Hotel operators should
also check for water leaks in their property's plumbing system,
reduce the operating times of kitchen appliances and close the drapes in
empty rooms. Nov 16, 2012

Future is mobile, says Travelport Travelport has highlighted
mobile technology as Othe futureO for the travel trade, as it prepares
for the release of its first mobile application for agents into the
Australian market. While the firm recently launched Galileo Terminal,
which allows agents to log in to the GDS from a laptop or even a mobile
device, the program is not built around technology which enables it to
display properly on smart devices, general manager Pacific Alex
Fitzpatrick told Travel Today. OFor an application to run properly on a
smart device, itOs got to support collapse down technology,O she said.
As a result, Travelport will launch Galileo Mobile Agent in response to
demand from agents in a Omatter of weeksO. The application, already
available Ofor some timeO in Europe, features a Osmart, graphicalO
interface, according to Fitzpatrick. But, while it will offer many of
the functions of the GDS, it is designed to be used as a OsupportO. OI
think weOre a little way off before anyone wants to run their business
entirely off a smart device,O she said. OBut I definitely see it going
that in Australia, because people here really embrace technology.O Both
Amadeus and Sabre Pacific have recently launched mobile products in the
Australian market. Meanwhile, Travelport continues to enrich and roll
out its Universal Desktop product. The product has emerged from its beta
testing period with Flight Centre and will be rolled out to around 200
Harvey World Travel agents next year with sales now underway. In
addition it will start promoting its Rooms & More hotel aggregator
to agents that arenOt subscribed to the Travelport GDS, stressing that
with 350,000 featured hotels, it caters to a growing trend towards
boutique properties. OYou can be on another GDS, or not on any GDS at
all, and you can still access Rooms & More,O Fitzpatrick said. OYou
just need a Paypal account at the moment to get your commission.O Nov
16, 2012

Gogo Launches Broadband Technology for Social Media, Streaming
In-flight connectivity provider Gogo has launched ATG-4, its
next-generation technology for wireless in-flight digital entertainment
access, the company announced today. The service was debuted on Delta
Air Lines, US Airways and Virgin America. The service is expected to
allow more passengers to access the Internet with a more consistent
browsing experience. Gogo offers in-flight broadband Internet service
and streaming video to commercial and private airplane passengers. The
company has installed the new ATG-4 technology on more than 25 domestic
aircraft. Virgin America was the first airline to get on board, and
plans to roll out the service on more aircraft in the months ahead. Gogo
expects to launch ATG-4 service on American Airlines and United's
p.s. fleet in 2013.

Gogo is "committed to bringing better communications
technology to passengers at 30,000 feet," he added. Gogo's
ATG-4 technology is capable of delivering a peak speed of 9.8 Mbps,
triple the peak speed of 3.1 Mbps enabled by the previous air-to-ground
network, according to a news release. The new technology includes
directional antennas and dual modems on each aircraft and the deployment
of EV-DO Rev. B Gogo expects a quick roll-out for the ATG-4
technology, with hundreds of aircraft installations planned before the
end of 2013. The necessary two antennas, installation of a second modem
and a software upgrade typically can be accomplished overnight.
Gogo's more than 150 land-based cellular towers have already been
modified for the new technology. Using Gogo's connectivity,
passengers with Wi-Fi devices can get online on more than 1,600
commercial aircraft, including all domestic mainline Delta Air Lines and
nearly all of Delta's regional jets; all AirTran Airways and Virgin
America flights; and select Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, American
Airlines, Frontier Airlines, United Airlines, and US Airways flights,
according to the release. Nov 16, 2012

Green issues are on trend leaders' minds Resource scarcity
and climate change are rated as major concerns by business, academic and
governmental leaders polled for the World Economic Forum's Global
Agenda Survey. Business leaders are markedly more concerned about
dwindling natural resources than about climate change, the survey found,
but feel both areas should be getting more attention. Nov 16, 2012

Kennedy Airport is third most stressful airport in U.S. Business
travelers have ranked Kennedy Airport the third most stressful airport
in the U.S., beat out only by ChicagoOs OOHare and LAX. Forty-nine
percent of travelers complained of long lines, according to the study by
KRC Research. Travelers also expressed dismay about the distance between
gates and terminals at JFK, poor service by airport staff, and
unsatisfying food options in the terminals. OEven the savviest of
business travelers sometimes have to contend with less-than-ideal
airport situations,O Barry Padgett, executive vice president of Concur
Platform services, which commissioned the study, told the Daily News.
The airport that received the best reviews from travelers was
Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, named by the 1,500 respondents
as the most hassle-free in the nation. That was due mostly to clear
signage, Wi-Fi coverage and plenty of good food options, Concur said.
Nov 16, 2012

Most Americans believe clean energy should be a priority Most
Americans believe promoting clean-energy development and addressing
climate change should be priorities for President Barack Obama and
Congress, according to a survey conducted by researchers from Yale
University and George Mason University. About 78% of Americans surveyed
said the U.S. should increase reliance on renewable energy, while 73%
said they favor government spending for research into renewable energy
sources, the survey showed. Nov 16, 2012

Not all airplane-class upgrades are created equal In an effort to
attract and pamper travelers, U.S. airlines are hopping on the
"premium economy" bandwagon, this feature says. Although this
hybrid class allows some fliers to feel as if they are part of the
"1 percent," travelers need to be aware of the differences in
the plans offered by each airline. This feature attempts to clear up
confusion by comparing the premium-economy benefits offered by American
Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and Virgin America. Nov 16,

Obama approves aggressive cyberdefense directive President Barack
Obama last month signed a new policy that would allow the military to
react more aggressively against cyberattacks. The policy makes more
clear the difference between defensive and offensive reaction to attacks
on the nation's private and government computers and says the
government's first line of defense will be civilian law enforcement
and network security. Nov 16, 2012

Premier Traveler Readers Rank the Best More than 10,000 Premier
Traveler readers, a demanding breed who traverse the globe for a living,
have selected a handful of airlines including Etihad, Virgin America,
Virgin Atlantic and Delta as the Best of 2012. On November 8th, at a
glittering awards gala at Sofitel LA, publisher Linda Vaughan shared
center stage with actor Chad Michael Murray to kick off the
magazine's annual charity auction benefiting RMDH-NY. Two young
airlines in the Middle East took top prizes for flying long haul routes
with panache. Qatar Airways, voted Best Airline to the Middle East and
Best Overall Airline in the World, begins pampering passengers before
boarding in Doha at a resort style Premium Terminal, where First and
Business Class flyers can spa, sleep and dine white tablecloth style,
even at breakfast. "We will always cater to the frequent traveler
and will indulge them with unmatched luxury and comfort in flight,"
vows Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker. "The future looks bright for
us and we will continue to grow at a bold pace." In 2013 Qatar adds
nonstops to Doha from Chicago, the fourth US gateway after New York,
Houston and Washington, DC, and will be the first Middle Eastern airline
to join an Alliance. Gracious hospitality earns Etihad Airways the Best
Airline in the Middle East crown: "Our onboard culinary
professionals come from luxury restaurants and hotels," reveals
Peter Baumgartner, Etihad Airways' Chief Commercial Officer,
"enabling Etihad Airways to deliver five star dining in the
air." Classically trained chefs prepare meals for Diamond First
Class passengers and professional Food and Beverage managers will
supervise culinary and wine service in both Premium cabins. Seamless
end-to-end service is the goal at Etihad Airways where Premium
passengers receive extras like complimentary chauffeur service on both
ends of their journey and frequent flyer benefits valid on other
airlines, with veteran crews flying one of the youngest fleets in the
skies. Delta, the legacy carrier voted Best Airline for North American
Travel, is not resting on its laurels. "Delta is currently
investing billions on everything from booking to baggage claim,"
says Tim Mapes, SVP-Marketing. "For customers, this means more
onboard comfort, world-class airport facilities, innovative technology
and exceptional personal service." When our readers hear
"Virgin" they know they're in for a treat. "At
Virgin Atlantic," voted Airline with the Best Business Class
Service in the World, "it's about constantly creating a unique
flying experience," says Chris Rossi, Senior VP of North America.
"In the last year, despite the tough economic climate, we've
invested nearly $160 million in product. Onboard our new A330s,
passengers now enjoy an Upper Class Suite with a longer and even more
comfortable seat, a stylish bar, a new inflight entertainment system and
mood lighting to enhance their experience day or night." On the
ground, Virgin Atlantic is revamping its lounges: The New York-themed
JFK Clubhouse is now located post security, closer to the gates, for
maximum relaxation before boarding. As always, this pioneering airline
goes above and beyond: "For us at Virgin," Rossi maintains,
"it's about challenging the status quo." For its
exceptional mix of low fares, stylish design, tech-forward amenities and
outstanding guest service, Virgin America has been voted Best North
American Airline for First-Class Service, Best In-Flight Service in
North America and Best Domestic Airline. "Our teammates have worked
tirelessly to reinvent the flying experience for travelers over the last
five years," observes Director of Loyalty Phil Seward, most
recently a suite of enhancements to the Elevate[umlaut] frequent flyer
program that gives elite members priority check-in, security clearance
and boarding, free checked bag allowances, and complimentary
space-available upgrades to Main Cabin Select. The newest twist offers
elite level frequent fliers from United and American comparable status
on Elevate through April 30, 2013. For example, MileagePlus Premier
Silver and AAdvantage Gold members become Elevate Silver for six months
with just a few clicks. http://www.virginamerica.com/vx/statusmatch In
addition to celebrating this year's victors, the Sofitel LA Gala
launched Premier Traveler's annual fundraising efforts to benefit
the RMDH-NY. After actor Chad Michael Murray spoke about the
organization's work, Calli Kalman and her father Frank Kalman
presented a riveting first person success account: Calli, who had
battled cancer since age 12, half her life, is now a healthy college
graduate married to "the love of her life" after RMDH-NY
helped her receive treatment. Patrick Khoury, Senior Director of U.S.
Sales at Air Canada,was so moved by their story he offered Calli and her
new husband two tickets to anywhere the airline flies. Nov 16, 2012

Researchers say carbon nanotube muscles beat nature An
international group of researchers led by Ray Baughman of the University
of Texas at Dallas has successfully created small artificial muscles
that are 200 times as strong as human muscle fibers of the same size.
Scientists heated twisted ropes of carbon nanotubes that were filled
with materials to get the muscles to contract. Researchers say their
innovation could be used to endow robots with facial expressions that
look more natural. Nov 16, 2012

Thanksgiving travel estimates at LAX about same as last year Based
on projections from California's LAX airport, the Wednesday before
Thanksgiving will not be the busiest travel day of the holiday period --
Sunday will be the most active. The airport estimates that almost 1.8
million travelers will pass through the airport, similar to the number
of fliers last year. Nov 16, 2012

Thanksgiving Travel Holds Steady for Southland Residents The
Automobile Club of Southern California is projecting that the number of
Thanksgiving travelers from Southern California will stay on par with
last year. About 3.37 million Southland residents are expected to
vacation over the holiday weekend -- an increase of six-tenths of one
percent over last year's 3.35 million local travelers. About 87
percent of travelers, or 2.93 million, are expected to travel by car --
a 0.5 percent increase over 2011. Another 341,000 will fly -- a 1.8
percent decrease, and 105,000 will go by other means. "Thanksgiving
holiday travel is continuing to bounce back from the recession years of
2008 and 2009," said Filomena Andre, the Auto Club's vice
president for travel. "This year's projected number of
Southern California travelers is on track to be slightly higher than the
10-year average number of Thanksgiving travelers from 2002 through 2011,
which is 3.34 million." Statewide, 5.43 million travelers are
expected this weekend, also an increase of less than 1 percent over last
year. About 4.71 million of them will be driving to their holiday
destinations, while 549,000 are expected to fly and 169,000 will go by
bus, RV, train or cruise ship. Nationally, 43.56 million people are
expected to travel over this holiday weekend, which is an increase of
seven-tenths of one percent from last year. Ninety percent, or 39.1
million, will drive to their destinations, and 3.1 million are expected
to fly. Top Destinations The top five destinations for Southern
California travelers, according to a survey of the Auto Club's AAA
Travel agents, are: 1) Las Vegas 2) San Diego 3) San Francisco 4)
Central Coast (Santa Barbara to Monterey) 5) Grand Canyon According to
IHS Global Insight, which conducts holiday travel research and
calculates holiday travel projections for AAA, this year's holiday
travelers are planning to spend less on their trips than in 2011. As a
result, travelers plan to spend less on lodging and are slightly cutting
their spending on dining out and sightseeing. Nov 16, 2012

The FAA is committed to the safety and success of GA In a speech
at an aviation business roundtable, Michael Huerta, acting administrator
of the Federal Aviation Administration, told participants that the
agency is committed to raising the bar for the safety and success of
general aviation. Voluntary reporting systems, sharing and analyzing
data and the transition to NextGen will all work toward that goal,
Huerta said. Nov 16, 2012

TSA responds to claims of unencrypted barcodes According to
Transportation Security Administration chief John Pistole,
whistle-blowing about unencrypted barcodes on PreCheck boarding passes
was exaggerated. He noted that people on the no-fly list cannot print
out a boarding pass at all, and those allowed to fly must print out a
boarding pass at the airport. The TSA is working with technology
companies to possibly encrypt the barcode. Nov 16, 2012

United Airlines experiences another major computer glitch United
Airlines, just a week before the year's busiest travel period,
experienced yet another major computer problem Thursday morning that
delayed hundreds of flights across the country, mostly on the East
Coast. Some airline industry observers called for "heads to
roll" at the world's largest airline. The latest glitch
involved the dispatch system software that enables Chicago-based United
to communicate with airplanes before departure, delivering information
on the plane's weight and balance, number of passengers and
baggage, said United spokesman Charlie Hobart. Flights of United's
regional jet service, United Express, were not affected. The outage
occurred from about 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. Thursday and resulted in 257
delays directly attributable to the outage and more through the day,
along with about 10 cancellations. The airline said it had 636 delays
Thursday, far more than its typical number of about 300. The delays
affected a relatively small number of the airline's 5,500 daily
flights N fewer than 5 percent, Hobart said. The impact at O'Hare
International Airport seemed to be minimal, United and airport officials
said. United has had rampant problems with an unrelated system, its
passenger reservation system it switched to in March. In August, the
airline had another unrelated network outage that occurred when a piece
of communication equipment in a United data center failed and disabled
communications with airports and the United website, United.com. That
was due to a failure at a United vendor. The computer problems,
especially the reservation system problem that affected flights in
midsummer, have had Jeff Smisek, CEO of United's parent company,
United Continental Holdings, making public apologies since March. He
conceded to Wall Street analysts that operational problems hurt the
airline's third-quarter profits as many customers fled to
competitors. But he said during an earnings call with analysts in late
October that those problems were behind the airline and that he was
confident United would perform well during the busy holiday travel
season. Aside from weather-related delays, such as superstorm Sandy and
a snowstorm on the East Coast, that seemed true until Thursday's
outage. Even on Thursday, United's on-time performance was about 80
percent, meeting its target, a spokesman said. Nov 16, 2012

A green supply chain shouldn't cost an arm and a leg, says
P&G exec Greening a company's supply chain shouldn't eat
into its bottom line, says Huw Waters, U.K. product supply director of
Procter & Gamble. "You don't sacrifice profitability to
achieve sustainable logistics; they go hand in hand," he explains.
Nov 15, 2012

Alaska Airlines Offers Holiday Travel Tips Alaska Airlines offers
the following tips for passengers to help ensure their travel is as
stress-free as possible during the busy holiday season. Learn more about
Alaska Airlines' "Top Five Tips for Holiday Travel" at
http://www.youtube.com/user/AlaskaAirVids. Use technology to save time.
Passengers can check in and pay baggage fees online for domestic and
international flights up to 24 hours before departure at
www.alaskaair.com. International passengers can also enter passport
information online. Alaska Airlines provides kiosks at airports and many
off-site locations, which allow customers to check in and pay baggage
fees. Alaska also has a new mobile website and mobile apps that allow
customers to check in, display an electronic boarding pass and keep
track of flight information all via a smart phone. Plan for
transportation to the airport. Passengers should allow extra time for
parking, as some lots may be full. Travelers are encouraged to take
public transportation or a shuttle to the airport, or park at a nearby
satellite lot. At Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, travelers are
encouraged to take advantage of off-peak times at drop-off areas. When
picking up passengers in the evening, meet them at the less congested
"Departures" level. Likewise, passengers traveling outbound in
the busy morning hours will find less congestion by using the lower
"Arrivals" level for drop-off and accessing the ticketing
level via the elevators and escalators inside. Know when to go N the
earlier the better. Passengers should arrive at the airport at least two
hours before domestic departures and three hours before international
departures to allow additional time to check in and pass through
security. Specific information for each airport is available at
www.alaskaair.com. Passengers must be checked in, at the gate and ready
to board at least 30 minutes prior to domestic departures and 40 minutes
before international departures. Travelers checking bags must have their
luggage processed at least 40 minutes prior to domestic departures and
60 minutes before international departures. Know the baggage and
carry-on limits. Alaska Airlines charges $20 for each of the first three
bags. Additional fees apply to check more than three bags and for
overweight or oversized items. First class and Gold-level Alaska
Airlines Mileage Plan members may check two bags free of charge. Club 49
members are allowed to check two bags at no charge when traveling to or
from Alaska and all customers traveling solely within the state of
Alaska may check three bags free of charge. Customers flying to or from
Mexico City and Guadalajara, Mexico may check one bag free of charge.
Travelers are strongly advised to provide a clear label on each piece of
luggage. Tags should be placed outside and inside each piece of luggage
and include the passenger's name, street address, e-mail address,
permanent phone number and a phone number at the destination. All
airlines allow each traveler to carry onboard one bag and one personal
item, such as a briefcase, laptop or purse. Bags should fit in the
overhead bin and personal items under the seat. Passengers may bring
shopping bags containing unwrapped gifts with them onto the plane in
lieu of a carry-on suitcase. Details on size limitations for carry-on
items are available at www.alaskaair.com. Travelers planning to transfer
to flights on Alaska or other carriers must adhere to standard carry-on
limits. Passengers should always carry prescription medications,
passports, cameras, film, electronics, cash, jewelry, business papers
and other valuables in their carry-ons. Be savvy of security screening:
Travelers are advised to allow additional time for passenger security
screening procedures. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
requires all passengers to present government-issued identification at
the security checkpoint. Passengers traveling between the United States,
Canada and Mexico are required to have a passport. For more information,
visit the U.S. Department of State website at www. travel.state.gov.
Travelers can pass through security faster by limiting the number of
electronic devices they carry and by removing shoes, metal objects and
laptop computers before entering the screening area. The TSA has strict
rules for liquids, gels and aerosols in carry-on bags. Each passenger is
permitted to bring these items in three-ounce or smaller containers, and
all containers must be packed in one quart-sized, clear plastic zip-top
bag. The TSA requires each passenger to place this bag in a bin on the
conveyor belt for X-ray screening. TSA rules permit prescription
medications through security checkpoints and require them to be
declared. More information, including a list of prohibited items and
tips for expediting the screening process, is available at www.tsa.gov.
Fee information: Alaska Airlines' charge for transporting pets in
the cabin is $100 one way. The pet carrier is considered one of the
traveler's two carry-ons. The fee for unaccompanied minors
(children traveling alone) is $25 one way. The airline's
reservation change fee is $75, plus any change in fare. For a complete
list of Alaska Airlines' optional services and fees, visit
http://bit.ly/UBlpze. Alaska Airlines, a subsidiary of Alaska Air Group
(ALK), together with its partner regional airlines, serves 95 cities
through an expansive network in Alaska, the Lower 48, Hawaii, Canada and
Mexico. Alaska Airlines has ranked "Highest in Customer
Satisfaction Among Traditional Network Carriers" in the J.D. Power
and Associates North America Airline Satisfaction StudySM for five
consecutive years from 2008 to 2012. For reservations, visit
www.alaskaair.com. Nov 15, 2012

Barneys New York and The Walt Disney Company Launch Electric
Holiday Barneys New York, the luxury specialty retailer, and The Walt
Disney Company, the world's leading entertainment company, launched
the 2012 Holiday project Electric Holiday at the Barneys New York
Madison Avenue flagship store. A multi-platform initiative infused with
fashion and fantasy, Electric Holiday merges the creativity and magic of
Disney with the wit and surprise of the legendary Barneys New York
annual holiday project to create a celebration of festive modern
electric lights, music and fashion. "Disney is proud to be part of
New York's holiday magic this year," said Robert A. Iger,
chairman and chief executive officer of The Walt Disney Company.
"Together with Barneys, we've created a one-of-a-kind
experience that combines Disney's great characters and storytelling
with high fashion for a spectacular celebration of the season." As
part of the Electric Holiday program, 25% of sales from the
limited-edition Electric Holiday product collection sold at select
Barneys stores and Barneys.com will be donated to the American Red
Cross. This is in addition to the$2 million dollars The Walt Disney
Company has already pledged to support relief efforts, including $1
million to the Red Cross for immediate relief and an additional $1
million to support rebuilding efforts in Hurricane Sandy affected
communities.In addition, Disney/ABC Television Group organized a
national "Day of Giving" on Nov. 6 2012, seamlessly
integrating outreach messaging across various programming and raising
more than $18 million for the American Red Cross. THE ELECTRIC HOLIDAY
WINDOWS The Electric Holiday program and the Madison Avenue
flagship's windows were unveiled featuring 'Electric
Holiday', a moving art video starring Minnie Mouse on a fun,
fabulous fashion adventure in Paris, along with an array of notable
fashion personalities and Disney characters. "Disney is a magical
brand and Barneys New York is a surprising brand. We feel we've
captured both the magic and the surprise with this holiday
project," said Mark Lee, Barneys New York CEO. "It has been a
dream to collaborate with Disney and we at Barneys are grateful that
they found it intriguing to mix characters from our different worlds in
this way." Capturing the essence of the highly stylized fashion
world along with the electrically-charged colors and brilliant lights of
the magical world of Disney, the video begins with Minnie dreaming of
the glamour of Paris. In her dream, she is whisked away to the City of
Light, where she comes face to face with revered fashion personalities
and takes the runway along with Mickey Mouse, Daisy Duck, and more in
fabulous designer fashions. The storyline concludes happily when Minnie
wakes up and Mickey presents her with the same designer dress she has
just sported in her dream on the catwalk. The moving art video was
conceived to be a playful interpretation of the high fashion world, and
will screen for a six-week period in the Madison Avenue windows, as well
as in Barneys flagship stores across the country. To help bring the show
to life, Oscar(R)-winning composer Michael Giacchino has created an
original score. The video is exclusively on barneys.com, Disney.com and
AOL.com. Fashion personalities featured within the moving art video
include: -- Photographers: Steven Meisel, Mario Sorrenti and Juergen
Teller -- Front Row Personalities: Sarah Jessica Parker, Daphne
Guinness, Lady Gaga, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Bryan Boy --
Backstage: Guido Palau, Pat McGrath, Julien d'Ys, Alber Elbaz,
Nicolas Ghesquire and Ed Filipowski -- Editors: Glenda Bailey, Bridget
Foley, Emmanuelle Alt, Suzy Menkes, Franca Sozzani, Carine Roitfeld,
Cathy Horyn and Anna Dello Russo Each Disney character is dressed in a
one-of-a-kind exclusive look created by some of the most influential
fashion designers in the world, including: -- Mickey Mouse: Balenciaga
by Nicolas Ghesquire -- Goofy: Balmain by Olivier Rousteing -- Daisy:
Dolce & Gabbana -- Minnie Mouse: Lanvin by Alber Elbaz -- Snow
White: Nina Ricci by Peter Copping -- Tiana: Proenza Schouler -- Cruella
de Vil: Rick Owens Using innovative technology and hardware, the Madison
Avenue windows features unique display technology using Christie(R)
MicroTiles(R)( http://www.microtiles.com ) from Christie Digital Systems
USA, Inc, on which the video will play. Working with d3
Technologies' integrated production system which power the core of
the show, utilizing five 4U servers generating 20 simultaneous HD video
streams. An OSRAM Business, Traxon the dynamic lighting and controls
manufacturer, supplied almost 500 square feet of LED Mesh and String, as
well as intelligent controls to add a layer of video to the window
display. THE ELECTRIC HOLIDAY PRODUCT Barneys New York and Disney have
worked to create a range of exclusive (XO exclusively ours),
limited-edition holiday gift items, available now for a limited time
only at Chelsea Passage on the ninth floor in Barneys' Madison
Avenue flagship location in New York, at the company's Beverly
Hills flagship location, and Barneys.com. In honor of this special
project, 25% of the retail price of all items in the Electric Holiday
collection sold exclusively in select Barneys New York stores and
Barneys.com through January 3rd, 2013, will be donated to American Red
Cross disaster relief. The product assortment includes Disney's
highly collectible Vinylmation figures designed by Paul Smith and Diane
von Furstenberg, Mickey Mouse ears designed by Rag & Bone and
L'Wren Scott, and smaller items such as holiday ornaments, edible
sweets, toys for children, and much more. In addition to the Electric
Holiday product assortment, there will also be a curated selection of
vintage memorabilia available at the Madison Avenue flagship location,
including a vintage Mickey watch, a signed biography of Walt Disney and
specialty vintage Disney toys. THE ELECTRIC HOLIDAY MYSTERY GIFT CARD
HUNT To celebrate this special event, Barneys New York hosted a New York
City-wide scavenger hunt for gift cards on November 14. A "Mickey
Messenger" was posted at various locations throughout Manhattan,
and only by following clues on Twitter (@BarneysNY) and Instagram
(BarneysNYofficial) were participants able to find him. When
participants found the Mickey MessengerNidentifiable from his Mickey
Mouse earsNthey simply gave him the secret password to receive a mystery
gift card with a value anywhere between $25 to $500. One lucky
grand-prize winner received tickets to the evening's window
unveiling event. Nov 15, 2012

Cash-strapped police departments turn to electric vehicles Rising
gasoline prices present an opportunity for police departments to
consider electric vehicles in a bid to reduce their operating costs,
experts say. Electric motorcycles and Segway vehicles are seen as good
options for urban patrols. "Agencies are seeing consistent positive
interactions with the public when the public learns their police are
using zero-gas-emission technologies," says Jeff Simpson of
electric-bike manufacturer Vectrix.

Nov 15, 2012

Cybersecurity measure fails in Senate; Obama mulls executive order
For the second time, a bill to bolster the nation's cybersecurity
has failed to pass in the Senate, with senators voting 51-47 against
Sen. Joe Lieberman's Cybersecurity Act. Republicans opposed the
measure, which would have created voluntary standards for companies
involved in critical industries, saying it represented a slippery slope
to additional government regulation. Observers say the bill's death
makes it that much more likely that President Barack Obama will act
unilaterally to strengthen cybersecurity through an executive order.
Nov 15, 2012

Delta Air Lines Completes Full Flat-bed Installations Delta Air
Lines has completed the installation of full flat-bed seats in the
BusinessElite cabin of all Boeing 747-400 type aircraft. The last of 16
Boeing 747 aircraft, each with 48 BusinessElite seats, has been
retrofitted with full flat-bed seats. It entered scheduled service this
week on a flight between Singapore and Tokyo's Narita airport,
before making its way to Atlanta. "A full flat-bed seat with
direct aisle access is a premium cabin feature that's important to
our customers and one of the many ways we're keeping our commitment
to making flying better," said Glen Hauenstein, executive vice
president [ETH] Network, Revenue Management and Marketing. "The
747 is an iconic aircraft and with this nose-to-tail modification
complete, it will serve as the crown jewel of our fleet taking our
customers everywhere they want to go [ETH] from Australia, Asia, the
Middle East and back again." Delta previously completed
installation of the full flat-bed modification on its Boeing 777 and
767-400ER aircraft types. To date, 13 767-300ER aircraft have received
the modification and three more will be complete by month's end.
In total, approximately 50 percent of Delta's widebody
international fleet has received the upgrade. In addition to flat-bed
seats in BusinessElite, the cabin overhaul includes upgraded seats in
the Economy cabin with personal entertainment at every seat. The
airline's entire widebody international fleet of more than 140
aircraft will receive the full aircraft modification in both cabins by
the middle of 2014. Delta recently announced plans to install full
flat-bed seats on its transcontinental flights between New York [ETH]
JFK and Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. This autumn, Delta
announced plans to add Wi-Fi to its entire international fleet. The
airline is already the largest operator of Wi-Fi-equipped aircraft on
more than 3,000 flights serving more than 400,000 customers every day.
When complete, Delta will offer Wi-Fi on more than 950 aircraft, from
747s to two-class regional jets. The installation of flat-bed seats is
a major component of the airline's more than $3 billion investment
in enhanced global products, services and airport facilities through
2015. In addition to investments in transcon, Delta operates the largest
Wi-Fi-enabled fleet in the world, is adding recharging stations at more
airports, has added more First Class seats and in-flight entertainment
to its domestic product; offers Economy Comfort on all two-class
aircraft; is adding personal, in-seat entertainment for both
BusinessElite and Economy class customers on all long-haul international
flights; has updated Delta Sky Clubs throughout the system; and is
overhauling its terminal facility for international customers at its two
largest global gateways [ETH] the new international terminal in Atlanta
now open and the expanded international terminal opening next May at New
York-JFK. Delta Air Lines serves more than 160 million customers each
year. During the past year, Delta was named domestic "Airline of
the Year" by the readers of Travel Weekly magazine, was named the
"Top Tech-Friendly U.S. Airline" by PCWorld magazine for its
innovation in technology, won the Business Travel News Annual Airline
Survey and was the recipient of 12 Executive Travel Magazine Leading
Edge Awards for U.S. airlines. With an industry-leading global network,
Delta and the Delta Connection carriers offer service to nearly 313
destinations in 58 countries on six continents. Headquartered in
Atlanta, Delta employs 80,000 employees worldwide and operates a
mainline fleet of more than 700 aircraft. A founding member of the
SkyTeam global alliance, Delta participates in the industry's
leading trans-Atlantic joint venture with Air France-KLM and Alitalia.
Including its worldwide alliance partners, Delta offers customers more
than 13,000 daily flights, with hubs in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Cincinnati,
Detroit, Memphis, Minneapolis-St. Paul, New York-LaGuardia, New
York-JFK, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Salt Lake City and Tokyo-Narita. The
airline's service includes the SkyMiles frequent flier program, a
world-class airline loyalty program; the award-winning BusinessElite
service; and more than 50 Delta Sky Clubs in airports worldwide. Delta
is investing more than $3 billion through 2013 in airport facilities and
global products, services and technology to enhance the customer
experience in the air and on the ground. Customers can check in for
flights, print boarding passes, check bags and review flight status at
delta.com. Nov 15, 2012

Expedia's 2012 Vacation Deprivation Study
Expedia.com[umlaut], the world's leading online travel agency,
today released the results of the 2012 Vacation Deprivation[umlaut]
study, an annual analysis of vacation habits across multiple countries
and continents. The 2012 study was conducted online by Harris
Interactive among 8,687 employed adults in September and October 2012 on
behalf of Expedia.com in North America, Europe, Asia, South America and
Australia. Expedia first commissioned the Vacation Deprivation study in
2000, to examine the vacation habits of Americans. In 2005, Expedia
began comparing such habits across countries. The 2012 edition is the
most comprehensive study in its 12-year history, featuring 22 countries
in total. Full details on the 2012 Vacation Deprivation study can be
found here: www.expedia.com/vacationdeprivation. Asian workers continue
to take the fewest vacation days. Japanese workers trail the field; the
average Japanese worker is granted a median of 13 days off each year,
but takes only five. South Koreans take seven out of a possible ten
vacation days. North American workers behave similarly. American and
Mexican workers take ten days each (out of 12 and 14 possible days,
respectively). For Americans, this represents a net loss of two vacation
days from the year prior. In 2011, Americans reported receiving 14 days
of vacation and taking 12. Europeans treat vacation as a duty rather
than a perk. Most European workers have between 25 and 30 days of
vacation time available to them each year, in addition to state and
religious holidays. Workers in France and Spain report taking the full
30 vacation days off, as do their peers in Brazil. Germans take 28 of a
possible 30 days off, while British, Norwegian and Swedish workers take
all 25 days they're given. "We conduct this study each year
and I am consistently surprised to see how differently each nation
treats vacation time," said John Morrey, general manager,
Expedia.com. "Studies consistently show that an ideal work-life
balance leads to happier and more productive employees. Your vacation
days are not a gift, not a luxury. They're yours to use. So this
year, instead of letting those days quietly expire, take that time and
connect with the world outside of your office." Asian workers take
the fewest days off and work the longest weeks. Korean, Singaporean and
Taiwanese workers report a median of 44 hour work weeks. Americans work
40 hours, the most common figure. The Dutch work 35 hours a week, the
fewest among the 22 nations surveyed. The survey also found that:
Italian and Japanese workers leave the most days -- 8 -- on the table.
Brazilian, British, Canadian, Danish, French, Norwegian, Singaporean,
Spanish and Swedish workers take every single day they're given.
An inability to coordinate vacations flummoxes many workers.
"Coordination with family & friends" was the most-cited
reason for failing to take vacation days, as was the option to roll
unused days over to the following year. Monetary worries rank highly.
Workers in five countries -- the US, UK, Canada, Japan and Ireland --
say that the main reason they don't use all of their vacation days
is because they believe they cannot afford to take their entire vacation
balance. Mean bosses are everywhere. More than 50% of workers in Italy,
Taiwan, Korea and Japan believe their bosses are not supportive of
vacation or they're not sure if their bosses are supportive. The
most supportive bosses are Norwegian, Swedish and Brazilian, in order.
Vacations are frequently postponed due to work issues. More than 7 in 10
Taiwanese employees have cancelled or postponed vacation due to work
reasons. Fewer than one in four workers in the Netherlands (23%) and the
UK (22%) have done the same. Many workers lug their job with them to
the beach. Brazilians report connecting with work most frequently while
on vacation, with 66% of workers claiming they "regularly"
check in. Indians, at 55%, were the next likeliest to remain tethered to
the office. However, a full 62% of German workers claim to
"never" check in while on holiday, as do their peers in the UK
(58%) and Denmark (52%). Americans were split evenly: 34% regularly
check in, 34% sometimes do and 32% never do. The beach is the
world's most popular vacation destination. Between beach vacations,
romantic getaways, city excursions and outdoor trips, the beach wins
handily -- 18 of 22 countries cite the beach as their preferred holiday.
Koreans are the world's most romantic vacationers, with a full 45%
of workers citing the romantic getaway as their favorite. Taiwanese
vacationers prefer the outdoors. Nov 15, 2012

Fliers want airlines to disclose fees to agents, OTAs Ninety-four
percent of fliers say fee information should be available to travel
agents and online travel agencies, a recent Harris Interactive survey
found. "The survey data demonstrates that consumers expect airlines
to share fees in a transparent and purchasable format in all the
channels where they sell their fares," said David Kelly, executive
director of Open Allies for Airfare Transparency. Nov 15, 2012

Green building expected to expand in global market by 2015 Green
building is expected to have a larger global presence by 2015, according
to a survey by McGraw-Hill Construction on members of the Green Building
Council in 62 countries. More than half of the respondents expect green
projects to comprise 60% of their work by 2015. The green-building
demand is likely to grow because of its benefits for business, the study
found. Nov 15, 2012

Hotel-data firms reveal upbeat industry outlook for 2013 Research
firms PricewaterhouseCoopers, STR and PKF Hospitality Research presented
attendees of the AH&LA Hospitality Leadership Forum in New York with
a generally optimistic forecast for the hospitality industry in 2013
despite a weak third quarter. Data from STR show strong demand growth in
the luxury, upper- and upscale segments, which have reached record-high
occupancy levels year-to-date. Nov 15, 2012

How to keep workers interested in your company's CSR strategy
It's not always easy to keep workers engaged when it comes to CSR
efforts, writes Rodolphe d'Arjuzon. The key is to continuously seek
new ways of sparking workers' interest and enthusiasm. "[O]ne
thing is clear: without employees' engagement, sustainability
strategies in the workplace will never succeed," D'Arjuzon
writes. Nov 15, 2012

IEA: Renewables are "indispensable part" of world's
energy mix Renewable energy will grow to challenge coal as the biggest
generator of power worldwide by 2035, thanks to declining technology
costs, rising fossil fuel prices and increased government support,
according to the International Energy Agency. Wind, solar and hydro
power are projected to become the second-largest generator of
electricity in 2015, and would account for nearly one-third of all
generation in 2035, the IEA said. "A steady increase in hydropower
and the rapid expansion of wind and solar power has cemented the
position of renewables as an indispensable part of the global energy
mix," the IEA said. Nov 15, 2012

L2 Consulting Services, Inc. Hires John Letlow as Engineering
Manager L2 Consulting Services, Inc. (L2) announced the company has
hired John Letlow as Engineering Manager. Mr. Letlow (age 49) brings
over 22 years of avionics engineering and test experience to the company
and has particular expertise with Flight Management Systems (FMS) and
Flat Panel display integration. Prior to joining L2, Mr. Letlow worked
as a Program Manager with Universal Avionics System Corporation where he
was responsible for leading teams in all aspects of new product
development and FAA certification efforts. Mr. Letlow holds a Master of
Science degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from Southern
Polytechnic State University and a Bachelor of Science degree in
Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.
Additionally, L2 has hired Michael Haffey (age 48) as Senior Avionics
Engineer. Mr. Haffey brings to the company over 23 years of avionics
integration and maintenance experience. L2 Vice President Operations,
Dean Rudolph, said, "L2's avionics integration and engineering
services are in high demand and as such we are continuously looking for
qualified candidates to join our team." He added, "We are
extremely pleased to have both John and Michael join L2." Nov 15,

Miami Beach hotels boast worst ratings in US A recent survey by
CheapHotels.org has compared 30 destinations in the United States and
Canada based on the overall quality of their hotels. In coming up with
its results, the survey compiled evaluations the various hotels have
received over the past 12 months from customers after their stay. To
render the many destinations as comparable as possible, only 3-star
hotels located centrally within the respective destinations were
considered. Hotel reviews were aggregated from the two leading
hotel-booking sites: Expedia and Priceline. Each review was then
categorized as positive, neutral or negative. In Miami Beach, 24% of
visitors were disappointed with their hotel and awarded it a negative
review. That ranks the city, by far, in the last spot among all
destinations considered. Also at the bottom of the rankings were
Atlantic City and Ottawa, where 21% and 20%, respectively, of all recent
reviews have been negative. On the flipside: Washington, D.C. tops the
U.S. rankings, with 73% of its hotel reviews being positive, 15% neutral
and only 12% negative. One destination in Canada, however, performed
even better. In Quebec City, 75% of all travelers have been happy with
their hotel stay, while only 11% have awarded their lodgings there a
negative evaluation. The following table shows the five highest and
lowest ranked destinations according to the survey. The percent value
indicates the percentage of negative hotel reviews each respective city
received among all 3-star hotel reviews over the past 12 months. 1.
Quebec City 11% (negative reviews) 2. Washington, D.C. 12 % 3. Chicago
13% 4. Boston 13% 5. Montreal 14% ------------------------------------
26. Las Vegas 19% 27. Honolulu 19% 28. Ottawa 20% 29. Atlantic City 21%
30. Miami 24% Nov 15, 2012

Minn. to hold public open house for freight rail study A public
open house will be held in Rochester, Minn., on updates to the
Southeastern Minnesota Freight Rail Capacity Study, according to the
state transportation department and the Olmsted County Regional Railroad
Authority. A proposed relocation of Canadian Pacific's tracks
around the city will be discussed to prepare for an anticipated growth
of freight and passenger-rail traffic. Nov 15, 2012

More shippers see benefits of using Cold Train service Shipments
of refrigerated products through the Cold Train service showed a
significant rise in 2011. For instance, Washington state apple shippers
are increasingly using Cold Train due to its quick, economical and
cost-efficient service, said Charles Pomianek, Wenatchee Valley Traffic
Association manager. "It's way ahead of last year and gaining
momentum," Pomianek said. "It's a smaller carbon
footprint, more efficient and less fuel." Nov 15, 2012

Pickup lot at Pittsburgh airport is free for first hour Drivers
waiting to pick up travelers from Pittsburgh International Airport have
a designated lot for waiting free of charge for the first hour, this
feature says. After one hour they will have to pay $1, and after two
hours, the charge is $8. Nov 15, 2012

PreCheck coming to John Wayne Airport in December In December,
John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, Calif., will offer the Transportation
Security Administration's PreCheck program. The initiative eases
security checks on pre-screened fliers and is open to frequent fliers on
five major airlines as well as those in the Global Entry, SENTRI and
NEXUS programs. Nov 15, 2012

Scanner redistribution creates "better efficiencies" The
Transportation Security Administration has rearranged the distribution
of two types of scanning equipment to make security lines move more
quickly in busier airports, says TSA Administrator John Pistole. By
shifting backscatter scanners out of busy airports and replacing them
with the smaller millimeter wave technology, the TSA has set up
screeners in busy airports to operate more efficiently. Nov 15, 2012

Travelers Can Now Donate to Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts at
Participating Airport and Motorway Retail and Dining Locations As those
in our communities hit by Hurricane Sandy try to recover, there are now
several additional opportunities for travelers wishing to help in the
recovery effort to donate. HMSHostOs retail and dining locations across
the 100 airports and 110 motorways in which it operates in North America
are collecting donations for the American Red Cross to assist those
affected by the hurricane. Travelers who would like to contribute should
look for HMSHostOs relief effort digital signage at participating
locations, including additional signage at cash registers. Customer
representatives will be available onsite to provide donation assistance.
Every dollar raised will go directly to the American Red CrossOs
Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort, and donations are tax deductible.
HMSHostOs participating locations will be collecting donations for the
American Red Cross through the holiday season. Nov 15, 2012

TSA's PreCheck program comes to BWI airport The
Transportation Security Administration's PreCheck program has
arrived at Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport
in Maryland. Frequent travelers that use US Airways, Delta and United
are eligible, though the program isn't available for fliers on
Southwest. Nov 15, 2012

World is too "turbulent" for steep defense cuts,
ex-defense chief says Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said in
a speech this week that rising danger from nations such as Iran, China
and North Korea should forestall dramatic cuts to U.S. defense. Spending
on the U.S. military is not the cause of the nation's financial
problems, he said in a Veterans Day speech in Wichita, Kan. Nov 15, 2012

$1.65B clean coal project in Ill. awaits construction approval
Construction of the $1.65 billion FutureGen 2.0 clean coal plant in
Illinois will be possible as soon as the project receives federal and
state approval, which are expected to be released before the end of the
year, said FutureGen Alliance CEO Ken Humphreys. "If we get
favorable outcomes in both cases, then you'll see some things
happen in very rapid succession," Humphreys said. Nov 14, 2012

28 governors call for renewal of wind-energy PTC The
Governors' Wind Energy Coalition held a news conference in
Washington, D.C., to call for an immediate extension of the wind-energy
Production Tax Credit. "We're beginning to see a negative
economic impact and loss of jobs in our states" because of the lack
of certainty over the PTC, said Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, chairman of
the coalition, which counts 28 governors as members. Nov 14, 2012

Five ways marketers can make the most of the FTC's Green
Guides The Federal Trade Commission's Green Guides offered
much-needed guidance for marketers hoping to play up their brands'
environmental credentials, writes Jonathan Yohannan. To craft successful
campaigns, brands will need to frame their eco-messaging in a clear,
science-based way that doesn't assume consumers pay much attention
to green issues. "Assume your audience knows nothing as you develop
your messaging," Yohannan advises. Nov 14, 2012

Brush up on rules before holiday travel time The Transportation
Security Administration is hoping that travelers stay on top of changes
to security measures that can affect their holiday travel. For example,
fliers under 12 or over the age of 75, or who are active military
members in uniform, do not have to remove their shoes during the
screening process. Passengers can find the latest rules by going online
or downloading the "MyTSA" app onto mobile devices. Nov 14,

Cheapflights.ca Sets the Record Straight in Honour of Guinness
World Records Day In honour of Guinness World Records Day taking place
this Thursday, November 15th, the travel experts at Cheapflights.ca, the
online leader in finding and publishing travel deals, decided to take on
a challenge themselves. The team has combed through the thousands of
Guinness World Records and has come up with their list of Top 10
Record-Setting Destinations. From the sunniest place in the world to the
longest ice skating trail, the largest outdoor swimming pool to the
oldest restaurant and hotel, this list features must-see sites in
destinations that span the globe. Here are five record-setting
destinations to make the list that are here in the Americas: Sunniest
place - Yuma, Arizona - With the sun shining for over 90 per cent of
daylight hours, Yuma is the place to go for clear skies and a Vitamin D
fix. It's no surprise then that this town on the Arizona-California
border is a popular destination for snowbirds. Although the Colorado
River skirts Yuma, it has a desert climate, complete with low humidity
and cool (or cooler) nights. The sparkling weather is a relief to
residents and visitors as well as the local citrus farmers and the many
military pilots who train under the area's endless blue sky.
Largest outdoor swimming pool - San Alfonso del Mar - Algarrabo, Chile -
Along the coast of Chile about an hour's drive from Santiago, the
resort of San Alfonso del Mar offers oceanfront apartments to rent.
Visitors can take advantage of the beach and the surfing, but most are
probably drawn to the giant seaside swimming pool. Larger than 20
Olympic-size pools, this salt-water lagoon stretches for 1,000 metres
along the beach. It holds 66 million gallons (250 million litres) of
water, pumped in and filtered fresh from the Pacific, making it crystal
clear -- but occasionally chilly. Try taking a boat out to its deepest
parts 115 feet down. You should be able to see the bottom. Longest ice
skating trail - Assiniboine Credit Union River Trail - Winnipeg, Canada
- Each winter as the temperatures drop, skaters take to the frozen
Assiniboine River, which turns into a long ice trail complete with
warming huts, curling matches and broom ball games. Starting at The
Forks in downtown Winnipeg, the trail stretches more than eight
kilometres and is maintained by a biodiesel-fuelled zamboni -- that
logged more than 1100 kilometres in 2009 -- to keep the ice in skating
condition. Tallest waterslide - Aguas Quentes Country Club - Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil - Want the feeling of a free fall without jumping out of
a plane? Prepared to scream straight downhill at 50 miles per hour? Then
head to Barra do Pira in Rio de Janeiro and climb to the top of
Kilimanjaro. This is not a mountain, of course, but a 160-plus-foot-high
(49-plus metres) waterslide with a steep 50 degree decline. In 2009, a
"speed chuting" world record of 57 miles per hour was set on
Kilimanjaro. If that's not your speed, there are another 16 pools,
including a wave pool, where you can take a splash. Highest external
walk on a building - CN Tower - Toronto, Canada - Looming high above
Toronto, the CN Tower is an impressive sight to look up at. And now
visitors have a new option for looking down from that vista. The
EdgeWalk lets you snap into a harness and take a lap around the roof of
the CN Tower's restaurant. In groups of six, adventure seekers gear
up and then step outside at 1,168 feet (356 metres) above the ground.
Tethered to the tower, EdgeWalkers spend 20-30 minutes circumnavigating
the building and taking in unmatched views and excitement. Talk about a
walk on the wild side! The five record-breaking sites to round out our
list are worth a trip overseas and include: Oldest Restaurant - Botin
Restaurant in Madrid, Spain; Tallest building - Burj Khalifa in Dubai,
United Arab Emirates; Oldest hotel - Nisiyama Onsen Keiunkan in
Yamanashi, Japan; Largest game reserve - Selous in Tanzania and Longest
reef - Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia. The check out these
and Cheapflights.ca's complete list of Top 10 Record-Setting
Destinations, visit www.cheapflights.ca/travel/top-10-record-setting-destinations. About momondo group momondo group is an online travel media
and technology company that is driven by the belief that an open world
is a better world. The group now serves travel search and inspiration to
over 13 million visitors a month -- plus 6 million travel newsletter
subscribers -- via its Cheapflights (www.cheapflights.ca) and momondo
(www.momondo.com) brands. Skygate began the sourcing of complex
air-travel data in 1992, while Cheapflights pioneered the online
comparison of flight deals for users in 1996 and momondo launched
meta-search in the Nordic countries in 2006. The Group has offices in
London, Copenhagen, Boston and Toronto, with a consumer base across 16
core international markets but users all over the world. Nov 14, 2012

CNN International Launches "CNN Travel" CNN
International announced the launch of a new digital channel, CNN Travel
expected to become the most dynamic, engaging and relevant online
destination for the world's luxury, business and leisure travelers.
Through a network of more than 800 travel contributors around the world,
CNN Travel delivers up-to-the-minute travel news, destination insights,
inspirational travel ideas, original observation and
thoroughly-researched city and country insider guides with directions to
the world's hottest restaurants, bars, hotels and activities. CNN
Travel brings together the best of CNN's existing digital travel
portfolio and CNNGo.com, the successful Asia Pacific-focused travel
start-up launched in 2009. The Hong Kong-headquartered team which
launched CNNGo.com and has managed the popular site ever since, will
continue at the helm of the international CNN Travel platform, working
with international travel contributors to provide users with the
distinct voice, authority and local insights which have made CNNGo.com
such a hit. CNN Travel features standalone destination guides on Latin
America, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and
Africa, along with dedicated sections on Travel News, Aviation, Hotels,
Food and Drink amongst others. Nov 14, 2012

Congress passes bill to protect airlines from EU emissions
standards Congress passed a bill Tuesday that would keep U.S. airlines
from having to comply with a European Union emissions law that would
extract fees from carriers flying into and out of European airports. The
bill now goes to the White House for the president's signature. The
EU announced Monday its plan to suspend the controversial emissions plan
for one year, pending an international agreement aided by the United
Nations' International Civil Aviation Organization. Nov 14, 2012

Faster TSA lines coming to John Wayne Airport A faster security
screening process for frequent travelers is scheduled to open at John
Wayne Airport in December. The PreCheck program, operated by the
Transportation Security Administration, lets travelers who voluntarily
submit background information go through a special screening line
without removing their shoes, coats or belts or taking a laptop out of a
carry-on bag. The program is only open to travelers who are members of a
frequent flier program with five participating airlines or participants
in a traveler programs approved by U.S. Customs and Border Protection,
such as Global Entry, SENTRI and NEXUS. PreCheck was launched in October
2011 and is expected to be expanded to 35 airports by the end of the
year. So far, about 4 million passengers in the U.S. have passed through
the faster TSA lines. To answer questions from passengers interested in
participating, the TSA is also opening a temporary information center at
Terminal A of John Wayne Airport on Nov. 15, 19 and 21. Nov 14, 2012

Hamberger: Why freight rail isn't a burden on America's
taxpayers Today in the Washington Post, Association of American
Railroads' President and CEO Edward Hamberger discusses why freight
rail is one industry that incoming lawmakers won't have to worry
about. Nov 14, 2012

Health care industry funds green-building projects The
construction of sustainable medical facilities has been a key source of
work for the architecture, engineering and construction industry, this
article says. Notable projects include a $538 million expansion of
Phoenix ChildrenOs Hospital in Arizona, which features a central energy
plant for its 34-acre campus, and the Swedish Cancer Institute's
radiotherapy treatment "vault" in Seattle, said to be the
first LEED-Silver certified radiation center. Nov 14, 2012

Hotels are wise to embrace mobile technology Mobile technology
drove $2.6 billion in travel booking last year and is expected to exceed
$8 billion by 2013, this feature says. Hotels that take advantage of
mobile connections with guests can boost revenue, Manoj Mohanty writes.

Nov 14, 2012

How CSR helps companies keep workers happy Companies are finding
it's easier to attract, retain and engage employees when
they're able to offer them meaningful, socially beneficial work,
writes Julie Urlaub. That makes sustainability and corporate
responsibility an important path to increased profits, Urlaub argues.
"To gain and maintain a competitive advantage over the competition,
sustainable business leaders are making meaningful work a top
priority," she adds. Nov 14, 2012

Lots of walking makes business travelers unhappy at OOHare
ChicagoOs OOHare Airport is on top again. And not in a good way. After
having recently been cited as the airport likely to be the busiest
during the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday travel period, OOHare came out
on top today in a new survey from Concur that found the Chicago airport
to be AmericaOs most stressful airport. Concur is a Redmond, Wash.-based
provider of travel and expense management services. The leading reason
why travelers in the survey named OOHare as the countryOs most stressful
airport was the long distances between gates in each terminal, as well
as the distances between terminals at the airport. OOHare has four main
terminals. The international terminal can only be reached from the other
three via an elevated train. OOHare also was faulted by survey
respondents for long lines at passport control stations, confusing
airport signage and insufficient outlets for charging devices, as well
as poor Wi-fi coverage. Los Angeles International Airport was ranked the
nationOs second most stressful airport, and New YorkOs John F. Kennedy
International Airport was the third most stressful. At the other end of
the spectrum, the Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport was found to be the most
hassle-free. The survey was done on behalf of Concur by KRC Research.
The firm surveyed 1,000 adults who regularly travel for business and
submit expense reports as part of their travel. All interviews were
conducted between Aug. 13 and 21, 2012. Nov 14, 2012

New Aircraft Programs to Drive Adoption of Aviation Composites
Newer aircraft programs like Boeing 787, Airbus A380 and A350 XWB, high
fleet operating costs and regulatory pressure on aviation-related carbon
emissions are driving the adoption of advanced fibre composites in
commercial aviation applications. "The increasing fuel efficiency
of an aircraft is directly correlated to a reduction in its overall
weight," noted Frost & Sullivan Chemicals and Materials
Industry Analyst Sandeepan Mondal. "Greater incorporation of
lightweight composite materials will help aircraft original equipment
manufacturers (OEMs) to reduce costs, optimise processes and achieve
parts consolidation." Controlling aircraft production costs as well
as lowering delivery times is the top priority for aircraft OEMs. This,
paralleled by rising fuel prices, is making it imperative for OEMs to
not only boost the fuel efficiency of an aircraft (by making it
lightweight and using efficient engines), but also to enable a faster
processing window for materials integration into the aircraft structure.
Replacing metal with composites in an aircraft can lead to up to 40 per
cent reduction in weight. This translates to higher fuel efficiency and,
consequently, lower operating costs. In addition, advanced fibre
composites provide a better alternative to metals due to their higher
impact resistance, which essentially means improved safety. From an
economic perspective, these advanced composites are ideal for larger,
wide-body aircraft. However, high fabrication costs, substitution threat
from metals and metal-matrix composites, difficulties related to repair
and recyclability as well as the lack of material standardisation are
restraining the uptake of advanced fibre composites in commercial
aviation applications. "Tier-I suppliers and aircraft OEMs should
implement new fabrication techniques which would bring down the overall
system cost for the aircraft component," advised Mondal.
"Out-of-autoclave and automated processes like automated tape
laying (ATL) and automated fibre placement (AFP) should be implemented
vigorously across all aircraft programmes to achieve the ideal balance
between cost and performance." Nov 14, 2012

NSA tackles cybersecurity skills gap with internship program The
technology sector is facing a serious dearth of trained cybersecurity
talent at the same time attacks are on the rise, according to a recent
poll of hiring managers, which predicts the industry will find itself
short-staffed by as many as 40,000 security experts in the future. In an
effort to fill the gap, the National Security Agency is partnering with
colleges and universities through its cooperative education, internship
and scholarship programs to put students to work in full-time
internships in the field. Nov 14, 2012

Panetta isn't saying when he plans to exit Washington Defense
Secretary Leon Panetta this week made clear that he has large issues to
tackle before he leaves his post, but didn't offer a date for when
that will be. "You know it's no secret that, at some point,
I'd like to get back to California," Panetta said. Nov 14,

"Premier Traveler" magazine applauds Four Stellar
Airlines It was a night to applaud great achievements: A November 9th
gala at the soigne Sofitel Los Angeles celebrated the airlines, hotels
and service providers voted Best of 2012 by 10,000 Premier Traveler
magazine readers. Editor-in Chief Ally Miola took center stage alongside
actor-writer-director Chad Michael Murray to honor airlines including
Singapore, Asiana, ANA and Hainan, and to kick off the magazine's
annual fundraising efforts for Ronald McDonald House New York providing
a temporary "home-away-from-home" for pediatric cancer
patients and their families. Singapore Airlines took three awards,
including Airline with the Best First Class Service in the World.
Yachting is the pastime passengers may recall flying Suite Class on this
world-renowned carrier. "The A380 is some of the most expensive
real estate in the world," says James Boyd, Vice President, Public
Relations. "So we engaged a designer of luxury yachts, who must
accomplish the same goals, to help us utilize every square inch."
To create an atmosphere that is comfortable and comforting, both crucial
to passengers aloft, Boyd notes, Singapore Airlines takes inspiration
from stars in a variety of fields: Celebrity Chef Alfred Portale
contributes the cutting edge culinary concept of bathing dishes in a
'nage,' herbed broth, to soften the drying effects of
altitude, and Suite Class has hand stitched armchairs in the style of
master Italian craftsmen at Poltrona Frau. And even if competitors may
ultimately match the high end hardware and systems, personalized service
is the foundation of Singapore Airlines' win for Best In-Flight
Services in the World and Airline with the Best Economy-Class Service in
the World, supported by its hub Changi Airport voted Best Airport in the
World. "When passengers tell us our longest haul flights are their
favorites," says Ken Bright, Vice President of Marketing-Americas,
"we feel that's a testament to our cabin crews: their
training, the selection process -- only 10% of those who apply are
chosen -- and their dedication." Flying Asiana Airlines, which took
honors for Best Airline to Asia, Best Flight Attendants in the World and
Best Airline Advertizing Campaign, can be a magical experience.
Literally. Teams of flight attendants help passengers pass the time on
long-haul flights with magic tricks, caricature sketches, mini facials
and "The Delighter," a cultural pageant that revolves around
5,000 years of traditional Korean fashion. Will the sushi chef be on
today's flight? Will I have time for a manicure and makeup
consultation? We board every Asiana Airlines plane with a sense of
charmed anticipation. "Since our inauguration in 1988, Asiana has
been centered on the philosophy of achieving customer
satisfaction," says Mr. Tae-Keun Han, executive vice president of
Airport and Cabin Services. "And it's this foundation that
motivates the Korean carrier to take in-flight entertainment to new
heights." Does it seem as though business people travel on their
stomachs? We know there's more to ANA's win for Best
Trans-Pacific Business Class Service than the food: There's
staggered seating to give many passengers a window AND an aisle, and a
flock of new Boeing 787 Dreamliners waiting in the wings. Still, it
takes some serious culinary chops to win an award for Best Airline
Cuisine: Dishes like the thick, savory breakfast omelet redolent of
earthy kudzu root from the two Michelin star chefs at Sekiyou, a
traditional Japanese hot springs inn. "This is just one part of
ANA's Inspiration of Japan," promises Yuji Hirako, Senior Vice
President, ANA The Americas, "that transforms an airline cabin into
a memorable one-of-a-kind traveling experience." Another airline
that goes the extra mile is Hainan Airlines, voted Best Airline in
China. "Our people work hard day after day to provide personalized
service to all our customers, and know many of them by name," says
Managing Director, North America, Joel Chusid. "Those with special
needs are especially looked after by our in-flight and ground staff.
Still," Chusid notes, "as a fast-growing airline with global
expansion plans, we are not immune to criticism. So when customers do
contact us with a concern, we respond promptly and take it as a
challenge to resolve the situation and avoid a recurrence." Still,
the evening's most dramatic moment may have been the heartfelt
thanks bestowed by Frank Kalman upon Ronald McDonald House of New York,
which supported his family during several rounds of daughter
Calli's cancer treatment, an experience he compares to
"running through a minefield carrying your child in your
arms." On November 8th a healthy Calli appeared at her
father's side, a college graduate and married the "love of her
life," a story Patrick Khoury, Senior Director at Air Canada, found
so inspiring he offered Calli and her new husband two tickets to
anywhere the airline flies. Nov 14, 2012

Regulator reports new production high for N.D. oil fields North
Dakota's oil fields produced more than 173.9 million barrels
through September, topping last year's record of 152.9 million
barrels, according to the state Department of Mineral Resources.
Technological breakthroughs in drilling have helped North Dakota rise
from being the ninth in oil production six years ago to second.
"The growth has been amazing," said Steve Grape, domestic
reserves project manager for the Energy Department's information
administration. Nov 14, 2012

Single Male 30-Something? You're the Perfect Passenger,
Reveals Skyscanner Survey Skyscanner's first survey of
international cabin crew uncovers the secrets of airline travel A survey
of more than 700 international cabin crew members, from 85 countries by
global travel search site Skyscanner has revealed their perfect airline
passenger, and it's a surprising result. The perfect passenger
according to cabin crew is male; he travels alone for pleasure rather
than business, he's in his 30s and is European. And, sorry Beckham
but he's not a celebrity, or at least not one who'd travel
premium class as economy passengers top the perfect passenger survey.
For cabin crew operating in UK airspace, it's English men who are
overwhelmingly voted as perfect passenger, with over half the vote. Men
from Wales were deemed the least favourite passengers amongst British
travellers. Seen by many, as one of the most glamorous and desirable
jobs, cabin crew are in the unique position to meet and greet people
from all walks of life. However, with nearly 3 million people sitting in
the sky every day, some regular habits and requests can understandably
get under their skin more than others. According to the survey, the
biggest gripe for a quarter of cabin crew (26%) is passengers who click
their fingers at them to get their attention. Other annoying habits at
30,000ft include the scramble to leave the plane before the seat belt
signs are switched off (13%), passengers trying to cram too much hand
baggage in the overhead lockers (11%) and one in ten say their pet peeve
is when passengers talk through the safety demonstration, suggesting
that many frequent flyers do not pay attention in spite of increasing
requests by cabin staff to do to. Stuffing rubbish in the seat
compartments (7%) also completed the list of cabin crew gripes.
Skyscanner's Sam Poullain said: "This is the first time that
we've surveyed international cabin crew and the findings give us a
real insight into what they really think of passengers. It's
interesting to see that it's the men who get the vote for the
perfect passenger, and while many of us would love to travel business or
first class, cabin crew prefer to work in economy. "It must be
frustrating for cabin crew when passengers try and cram as much hand
baggage in the overhead locker as humanly possible, however carrying
only hand luggage can save passengers quite a lot of money as the cost
of putting baggage in the hold can be very expensive. Unless airlines
charge less for hold luggage, I don't see this changing. " The
most annoying habits of air passengers 1.Clicking fingers to get
your attention

26% 2.Leaving seat at the end before the light
goes off 13% 3.Stuffing too many bags into overhead
locker 11% 4.Complaining there's no space for
their bag in the locker 10% 5.Talking through the safety demo

9% 6.Asking for more

8% 7.Stuffing rubbish in the seat
pocket 7% 8.Asking for a different meal

6% 9.Ringing the attendant bell
to complain about temperature 6% 10.Asking for a specific
brand of drink 4% The Perfect Passenger

Male Travelling alone Age 31-40

Sitting in Economy Reason for travel:
leisure Nov 14, 2012

TSA allows snow globes on flights The Transportation Security
Administration announced that it will let travelers fly with snow globes
in their carry-on luggage during the holidays. To be allowed on
airplanes, snow globes must appear to contain less than 3.4 ounces of
liquid and the entire item must fit in a plastic bag like other liquids.
Nov 14, 2012

A better way to store solar heat Many materials have been used to
create storage systems for heat produced at concentrating solar power
plants, but concrete might be the most effective, safer and least
expensive, according to researchers at the University of Arkansas. They
created a proprietary concrete to make plates and used a thermocline
system to put the plates parallel in a storage tank. Heat was conducted
with an efficiency of 93.9%, they say. Nov 13, 2012

Calif.'s $68B high-speed rail: The "project of the
century" The 141-mile Bakersfield-to-Los Angeles section of
California's $68 billion, high-speed rail project presents a
monumental engineering challenge, as the rail will need to pass through
the Tehachapi Mountains and the San Gabriel Mountains and more than six
earthquake faults. Football-field-long boring machines will need to be
maneuvered into the mountain canyons to create access roads, viaducts
and tunnels. "It is the project of the century," said Bill
Ibbs, professor of civil engineering at the University of California at
Berkeley. Nov 13, 2012

Cruise Planners to Focus on Social Media, Networking at Conference
Cruise Planners-American Express Travel will focus on social media and
networking at its annual convention, which will take place at that
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Fla., Nov. 28 to
Dec. 1. The convention will focus on the importance of social media and
how agents can apply new technologies to increase sales with workshops
on blogging and sessions such as OMobile MeO and OFacebook 101,O as well
as presentations by Susan Black, executive vice president and chief
marketing officer at Travel Impressions and American Express Vacations,
and Cruise Planners-American Express TravelOs Brian Shultz, vice
president of technology. OOur home office team has been working day and
night to ensure this yearOs convention once again surpasses the
expectations of our agents,O said Vicky Garcia, executive vice president
of sales and marketing. OWe surveyed our travel advisors and realized
that our most successful business owners are hard-core networkers in
life and in social media, so we decided to share success stories and
bring in experts to help all our agents excel in these ever-changing
areas. They already have the travel savvy, and with our technology and
marketing tools, coupled with learning best practices in Facebook,
Twitter, blogs and other online tools, they are poised for great growth
in 2013.O With nearly 500 agents attending, Cruise Planners-American
Express Travel also will unveil industry forecasts for 2013, new
technology and marketing programs. Nov 13, 2012

EU plans one-year delay on emissions plan for airlines The
European Union's plan to extend carbon emissions regulation to
foreign carriers flying in European airspace will be delayed by a year,
Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard says. The freeze is intended to
foster a "positive atmosphere" during International Civil
Aviation Organization negotiations, Hedegaard said. A4A said in a
statement regarding on the development, "We believe a global
sectoral approach though ICAO is the best way to address aviation
emissions." Nov 13, 2012

Facts alone won't win the climate debate To win the climate
debate, communicators will have to do more than simply using facts to
build a winning argument, writes David Roberts. Global warming is an
emotional subject, and the debate will be won by the side that most
fully embraces all available communication tools. "But there has
never been a problem like climate change. In communication, as in so
many other areas, we're going to have to rethink the old ways of
doing things," Roberts writes. Nov 13, 2012

Feds look to the private sector to bolster tech innovation In
light of stifling budget restrictions and the looming "fiscal
cliff," federal agencies are looking to technology startups in the
private sector to fill the void, experts say. In lieu of direct support,
government initiatives such as the Startup America Partnership -- formed
by the White House to promote collaboration with businesses and
philanthropists -- and the Presidential Innovation Fellows program are
working to expand opportunities for companies in industries such as
health IT and the smart grid, which rank high on the Obama
administration's priority list. Nov 13, 2012

Master Lock Encourages Holiday Travelers to Check Their Safety List
Twice During the holidays an average of 34 percent of Americans spend
one to three nights away from home1 -- making safe travel precautions an
important item on the holiday check-list. Master Lock reminds holiday
travelers to check their lists twice before departing and while
in-transit to enjoy a safe and happy holiday season. "Inclement
weather and an abundance of travelers can make heading out of town to
see loved ones for the holidays a stressful experience where safety
precautions are often overlooked," said Rebecca Smith, vice
president, marketing for Master Lock. "By planning ahead and taking
the time to think through proper safety and security measures, travelers
can ensure the holidays are spent focused on good friends and
family." To keep the home and family secure during the holiday
season's hustle and bustle, Master Lock offers five tips to help
travelers keep safety top-of-mind: 1. Keep that lived in look. In 2010,
more than 1.8 million homes were burglarized2 with 400,000 of those
burglaries taking place between November and December3. Making the home
appear active while away can discourage potential break-ins. Set a timer
for both inside and outside lights to switch on and off and turn a radio
or TV on to create the illusion that someone is home. Hold your mail
deliveries at usps.com, and contact your other providers to stop
newspaper and package drop-offs while you're away. 2. Toast
don't post. Resist the temptation to update your social network
accounts with travel plans to avoid having the news of the unoccupied
status of your home fall into the wrong hands. Instead, spend that time
in the company of friends and family toasting to health and happiness,
and wait to post photos of holiday fun until you return home. 3. Check
(Twice) Before Travel. Before departing for a holiday destination, check
the schedules and status of your flight, train or traffic route to stay
aware of delays, bad weather and other potential changes. Checking in on
the status of your method of travel will guarantee you are prepared for
any delays and keep you calm during the holiday rush. And don't
forget to double-check your travel documents before leaving the house.
4. Activity and Emergency Kits Are Key. Whether traveling by train or
car, always carry a first aid kit stocked with bottled water, snacks,
medication, bandages, a flashlight and cell phone charger. Should you
encounter a problem or a long distance between rest-stops on your route,
these items can help keep you nourished and your travel companions busy.
Keep children occupied by bringing fun games or movies to lessen driving
distractions. If traveling by car, have it inspected by a mechanic or
someone you trust before a long journey to make sure all systems are
primed and tires are filled. 5. Lock It Down & Carry It On. A
reported 200 items are stolen each day from JFK Airport4, one of the
busiest airports in the world. Keep your valuables including cell
phones, wallets, watches/jewelry and other important property safe by
carrying them with you at all times and locking them up while on-the-go.
Storage solutions like the 5900D SafeSpace* are perfect for keeping
these items secure. In addition, use generic luggage, be mindful of
wearing flashy jewelry and dress down to prevent being targeted for
theft. Secure checked and carry-on luggage with a TSA-accepted lock,
such as the 4688D Combination Lock while traveling to prevent
unauthorized access to your possessions. Nov 13, 2012

Sen. Thune warns of potential return to EU emissions plan Sen.
John Thune, R-S.D., said in a statement that he is "pleased"
by the European Union's intent to freeze the extension of its
emissions trading scheme to foreign airlines, but he also warns that the
EU's announcement "does not rule out future efforts to tax
foreign carriers." Thune co-sponsored a bill that would prohibit
U.S. carriers from complying with the European law. Nov 13, 2012

Social-media strategies for a memorable guest stay Social media
can be a powerful tool for hoteliers looking to differentiate their
properties through better hospitality, writes Edward Perry, a senior
director at Worldhotels. Hoteliers can provide special Twitter addresses
that guests can use to ask for destination information or hotel
amenities, for instance. "The key here is that people that use
social media don't necessarily want to talk to you in person. ...
Why not enhance your hotel's guest experience by making it easier
for them to engage you on their level?" Perry writes. Nov 13, 2012

Tighter regulation on maintenance contractors sought by FAA The
Federal Aviation Administration is proposing tighter oversight on
outside contractors that maintain airliners and other commercial craft.
The proposal includes measures that would require technical
responsibilities to be more explicitly written, thus making it easier
for safety officials to determine whether instructions are being
followed. Nov 13, 2012

A4A is cautiously optimistic on EU action to eliminate ETS; expects
Congress to move forward with legislation The European Union has stated
it will hold off on a rule charging airlines for emissions following
consensus made by the United Nations' International Civil Aviation
Organization on a new framework for a global carbon emissions plan. The
framework, which the ICAO expects to present next year, paves the way
for the EU to eliminate the controversial extension of its Emissions
Trading Scheme, which requires airlines using European airports to pay
for the carbon they emit while flying in European airspace. "We
believe a global sectoral approach though ICAO is the best way to
address aviation emissions," said Airlines for America spokeswoman
Jean Medina in an e-mailed statement. Nov 12, 2012

Air travel experience isn't likely to change soon, DOT study
says Airlines will likely continue measures to remain profitable amid
economic volatility and high fuel prices, the Transportation
Department's Office of Inspector General says in a report.
"[T]he data in this report suggest that some of the most
significant trends of recent years -- including but not limited to a
more consolidated industry with less competition, fewer flight options
for small communities, and revenue-enhancing baggage and other fees --
may continue for the foreseeable future as airlines further improve
their adaptability to changing market forces," the agency report
says. Nov 12, 2012

Atlantic City looks to improve Boardwalk experience with public art
Atlantic City, N.J., officials are hoping to bring in more tourists and
enhance the experience of walking along the Boardwalk by adding more
attractions such as public art and displays. "We do think it will
create interest in people who maybe had never thought of coming to
Atlantic City. It really does appeal to the creative class," said
Liza Cartmell, president and CEO of the Atlantic City Alliance. Nov 12,

Check flights using San Antonio airport's mobile website
Travelers to San Antonio International Airport can use a new website to
view their flight status. "It's a real clean and crisp look,
and it gives people the ability to check on their flights quickly,"
spokesman Rich Johnson said. Nov 12, 2012

Environmental Resource Center Offers In-Depth Training on
Regulations for Marine and Air Transportation of Hazardous Materials
Businesses that are involved in the sea or air transportation of
hazardous materials can help their workers keep up with recent changes
in new regulations that will impact their shipments through four
seminars and webcasts from transportation consulting firm Environmental
Resource Center. Each seminar and webcast meets both initial and
recurrent training requirements of the International Maritime
Organization (IMO) and International Air Transport Association (IATA)
regulations. "Transportation rules are continually updated and
modified," said Brian Karnofsky, company president. "Several
new IATA dangerous goods regulations become effective on January 1,
2013, and Amendments to the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code
will be in use January 2013 and become mandatory in January 2014. Our
training ensures that participants stay in compliance with these and
other directives." Transportation of Dangerous Goods: Compliance
with IATA and IMO Regulations This daylong seminar provides an in-depth
look at the IMO and IATA regulations governing shipments by sea and air.
Attendees participate in practical exercises for preparing goods for
shipment in compliance with the IMDG Code and IATA regulations. The
seminar will take place in six locations: Cary, N.C. Atlanta, Ga.
Indianapolis, Ind. Chicago, Ill. Charleston, S.C. Baltimore, Md. Event
dates and details are available at
http://www.ercweb.com/classes/course.aspx?course=1019. Transportation of
Dangerous Goods: Compliance with IATA Regulations - Webcast This live
web-based training program explains the domestic and international
regulations governing air transportation of hazardous materials. Topics
include how to determine which materials are classified as dangerous
goods, how to select, prepare and label packages, and how to prepare
consumer commodities, excepted quantities and limited quantities for
transport. Participants will also learn how to prepare IATA air waybills
and declarations for dangerous goods. The webcast runs from 9:00 a.m.
until 5:00 p.m. ET on the following dates: November 15, 2012 January 24,
2013 March 21, 2013 May 23, 2013 July 25, 2013 September 25, 2013
November 14, 2013 Details are available at
http://www.ercweb.com/classes/course.aspx?course=1060. International
Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code - Webcast In this essential
training program for companies that ship hazardous materials by water,
attendees will learn how to prepare dangerous goods for marine shipment
using the IMDG Code. They will learn how to classify, package, mark,
label and placard dangerous goods for vessel shipment, new requirements
for limited quantities, how to identify marine pollutants, as well as
the latest requirements for preparing transport documents. The webcast
will take place from noon to 5:00 p.m. ET on March 7, 2013, and
September 5, 2013. Details and registration are at
http://www.ercweb.com/classes/course.aspx?course=1021. IATA Dangerous
Goods Update - Webcast This course trains students to prepare shipments
of dangerous goods by air in accordance with the latest IATA
regulations. Topics include how to determine which materials are
regulated, how to package dangerous goods for air transportation,
special requirements for consumer commodities, and marking and labeling
requirements. Attendees will also learn the changes that become
effective in 2013, including new requirements for de minimis quantities,
viscous flammable liquids, un-cleaned medical devices, lithium
batteries, and new packaging instructions. The webcast will take place
from noon to 5:00 p.m. ET on the following dates: December 6, 2012
January 10, 2013 February 21, 2013 April 11, 2013 June 6, 2013 August 8,
2013 October 10, 2013 December 5, 2013 Details and registration are at
http://www.ercweb.com/classes/course.aspx?course=1020. Nov 12, 2012

Federal safety regulations may affect pilot workforce Federal
safety regulations involving the hours needed for flight experience and
the mandatory retirement age of 65 affect the pilot workforce at
regional airlines, this feature says. Airlines for America estimates
that carriers will need to hire tens of thousands pilots in the coming
years. Nov 12, 2012

Hotels turn to technology to stand out from the crowd Hotels
competing to differentiate themselves in customers' eyes have found
a new arena in the field of technology, this feature says. More hotels
are upping investments in tech-based amenities to cater to the needs of
today's technology-dependent travelers. These include in-room Wi-Fi
access, custom hotel applications and in the case of Starwood's
Aloft Hotels brand, interactive software known as ICE that provides
information on flights, hotel amenities and destinations in the area.
Nov 12, 2012

More frequent travel equals poorer health It is harder for
frequent business travelers to stay healthy, according to a Columbia
University study. The report notes that regular travelers had higher
body mass indexes and obesity levels, and those on the road more than 20
nights per month were 2.61 times more likely to report being in poor
health. Nov 12, 2012

More shippers turn to rail for crude oil shipments Crude-by-rail
shipping is gaining popularity among oil producers. Southern Pacific
Resource plans to open a rail facility in Alberta, Canada, so it can
ship to Natchez, Miss. Canadian National and Canadian Pacific's oil
shipments have steadily increased as rail transport becomes
"another safe and viable alternative for transporting
bitumen," said Southern Pacific CEO Byron Lutes. Nov 12, 2012

More sports teams are going green, report shows An increasing
number of professional sports teams in North America are shifting toward
greater use of renewable energy, according to a report from the Natural
Resources Defense Council. "Of the 126 professional sports teams in
the five major professional North American leagues, 38 teams have
shifted to renewable energy for at least some of their operations,"
the report stated. The NRDC has partnered with investment and project
management firm Vulcan to form the nonprofit Green Sports Alliance,
which links sports organizations with environmental experts. Nov 12,

Nine more airports participating in TSA's PreCheck program
The Transportation Security Administration's PreCheck program
providing expedited screening for certain frequent fliers and U.S.
Customs and Border Protection trusted travelers has expanded to nine new
locations and several more airlines. Nov 12, 2012

September had no domestic flight tarmac delays over 3 hours The
Transportation Department's Air Travel Consumer Report shows no
tarmac delays of more than three hours for domestic flights or four
hours for international flights were reported for the month of
September. The report says major U.S. carriers posted an on-time arrival
average of 83.3%, up from August's 79.1%. Nov 12, 2012

To market romance travel, set the right mood, expert says Selling
romance travel works best if the agent places him- or herself in an
appropriately sentimental mindset, says Jennifer Doncsecz, owner and
president of VIP Vacations, during a session at Travel Weekly's
CruiseWorld and Home Based Agent Show this month. For romantic events
such as weddings, agents should make sure to get input from the clients,
Doncsecz says. "Ask them what they envision. You're going to
save a lot of time if you ask them where they want to go -- and where
they don't want to go," Doncsecz says. Nov 12, 2012

TSA adds 4 airlines to PreCheck at Orlando, Fla., airport The
Transportation Security Administration has announced the inclusion of
four carriers to its PreCheck program at Orlando International Airport
in Florida. On Friday, qualified passengers on American Airlines, United
Airlines, Alaska Airlines and US Airways began bypassing security
checkpoints at the airport. Nov 12, 2012

TSA PreCheck program to land in Anchorage, Alaska The
Transportation Safety Administration's PreCheck screening program
will be available at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport as
early as December. By the end of this year, the program will be
available in 35 airports. Nov 12, 2012

TSA screeners approve first union contract Screeners for the
Transportation Security Administration have approved the first union
contract with the agency. Passenger screeners and related workers
approved the new deal, which includes a change in their pay system to
emphasize on-the-job performance, with a vote of 17,326 to 1,774. Nov
12, 2012

Turbulence a bump in the air road Passengers who have been rattled
by turbulence on a flight understand it's a normal aspect of
flying. This article explains what causes turbulence and details the
different types of air disturbances that can cause turbulence. Nov 12,
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